"Unto Britannia"
~ the Untold Stories ~

A Tudor-Arthurian Legend RPG

"Unto Britannia"

~ the Untold Stories ~

is a

Tudor-Arthurian Legend RPG

set in

1546 Britain

in and about Camelot

08.03 We have revamped "Unto Britannia" Thank you for stopping by. So you know we have made it more *modern*; instead of the Dark Ages, it is the 16th century, circa 1546. Now we have incorporated our Untold Stories into a Tudor-Arthurian legend RPG. Please check us out, read over all of our informational threads, stop by the chat box or Discord to say Hi or ask questions! If you find broken links or anything else let William Know!

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"Unto Britannia" is out of commission for the present. Please return the end of August 2018 for new developments. Thank you.
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