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The current timeframe is 466 A.D., Just after the victory at Mons Badonicus, also known as Badon Hill; Arthur is the Garrison Commander of Knights of the Round Table and Camelot, while Merlin is the People's Shaman of Britannia, and Guinevere, his liaison, lives in Camelot.

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 The Meeting at Glamorgan, Spring, 467 AD
 Posted: Oct 25 2016, 01:37 PM
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Spring, 467 AD
Arthur, Lancelot, Morgana, and Cadfael, Lord of Glamorgan;
Glamorgan Castle, Western Province

Arthur and a few of the Sarmatian Knights had been patrolling the coasts of the western provinces and upon their return trip decided to ride south-by-west into Glamorgan. Cadfael, Lord of the Glamorgan, maintained an ancient castle, one of unknown origin, but claimed to be of Cadfael clan property… and Arthur decided to see the Castle Cadfael he’d heard so much about.

Halted at the gate, Arthur identified himself and his knights to the sentries, who in turn spoke to higher authorities. Within minutes, the Commander of the watch and his guards met Arthur and his entourage as they entered the now open gates.

Allowed to dismount, several liverymen or pages took the reins of the mounts from each man as Arthur and the watch Commander exchanged proprieties. The Watch commander would provide an escort so Arthur could meet the Lord, whilst his men enjoyed Cadfael hospitality. Arthur motioned to Lancelot to accompany him.

There was a stranger arriving within the walls, mounted on a large white stallion that looked like it could have been more suited to a Knight than a Lady. Seated side-saddle, the horse was directed towards the livery man that would take hold of the reigns and set the stool down for the Lady to dismount the large beast. Black velvet cloak swathed around a seemingly slender form with the hood pulled up over head and low to shade facial features.

After dismounting the cloaked figure moved past the Knights and Arthur, offering a faint courtesy and dip of head before heading on in the opposite direction. There was something...odd...strange and almost alluring about that female that remained hidden.

Arthur had to look twice... as if the first seemed to stimulate his curiosity... and warn his senses, both at the same instance. Tilting a head toward Lancelot, he veered his gaze toward the woman. Lancelot handed the reins to the liveryman then walked to Arthur... "What say you...?" and dark eyes looked to his beloved friend and Commander. Arthur narrowed his own... "I do not know Lancelot... seems I know her from somewhere... but alas, I know not where...

After having moved past them one hand raised to push the hood back. Revealing the fall of black hair that trailed down the entirety of her back. Pale featured face and grey eyes that seemed to hold mysteries untold within their depths. As if they could see into your soul. Pausing long enough to look over shoulder at Arthur and Lancelot a faint smile curved lips as head dipped slightly.

Lancelot smacked his commander's back... "Come let us meet with the Lord of the Castle, maybe he knows..." he offered Arthur that familiar smirk, and the two men walked toward the old castle fortress bailey.

The woman was headed around the back of the castle, to slip inside and head for the main Hall without being seen. And to give her cloak to one of the servant women. Leaving her in the black velvet dress with gold embroidery that fit snug against her form. Draping over hips but caressing against the curves of waist and bodice. She had just stepped in and was headed towards the dais where the Lord sat.

By the time Arthur and Lancelot arrived in the castle, and approached the dais, the woman was already there... The two men just looked at one another and Lancelot smirked. Then at the dais, both men simultaneously knelt to one knee. "M'Lord, I am…”; suddenly interrupted by the woman in black.

Her hand rose to place upon Lord Cadfael’s shoulder; “Your Grace, Arthur is Lord Commander of the Sarmatian Knights... And his first, Lancelot..." the woman spoke interrupting Arthur. She then simply smiled a wicked smile and titled her head.

“Ahhh yes; Arthur. Morgana has spoken of you, your Knights, and deeds upon this land.” The man glanced briefly to the mysterious woman. And when she looked to him, he simply smiled.

Surprised, both men smiled, but canted their heads toward the woman, as the Lord mentioned his knowledge of Arthur and his first knight, and their deeds against the Saxon and Woad... "Your Grace, Hiberian Raiders have been reported just north of here upon your shores..." and as Lancelot began to speak and reassure the lord, Arthur's gaze went from the woman to the man, a bit confused as to the familiarity.

As the men spoke she stood by the Lord's chair, one hand resting on the back of it, watching those kneeling on the floor below the dais. Though she had a strong will and was extremely intelligent it was prudent to let the men speak of these matters. Glancing to the side she caught Arthur's gaze and arched one dark brow over one of those fathomless grey eyes. Lips twitched at the corners but she remained silent as the Lord spoke of giving arms and men to help deter the raiders.

The pair had risen after the formality of introductions and the bidding of the lord. Though Arthur was only a Commander now, no one knew he would one day be king... but destiny always had a way of foretelling fate... but Arthur would still gain the alliance of those around the land... to heal as much of the atrocities the Romans dealt to the people... The departure of the Romans allowed his mother's influences finally come to fruition... and now it was up to the man to heal the land... to ally all against all invaders.

The Lord saw Arthur's gaze and smirked... Then he stood and motioned the woman over. "Commander, this is Morgana, my daughter; she will show you to a place to refresh yourselves and then get you a meal. As well, I will have my kitchen prepare food for your men."

Arthur bowed his head to the Lord of Glamorgan in respect. “I thank thee My Lord.”

With that she finally spoke up, in a voice that seemed almost like a siren song. "A pleasure, Commander." At the introduction, she looked over to Arthur and dropped into a low curtsey. “If you will follow me." Moving down off the dais with skirts held in one hand. Raising up with head still high she offered that smile again.

But Britannia was more than a battleground amongst nations and nationalities, but religions and cultures. The Druids had been upon the land for centuries far before the days the Romans arrived with their Christianity. And it was the Greeks who gave us the very word for mysticism, which would proliferate the direct contact between human beings and divine reality… whatever that divine reality was…

All these details would live as one in Britannia. Arthur was a pragmatic man, one who the future would hold as a realist… one who did not dream or aspire, but took what was in regards to fact. But as Lord Cadfael introduced Morgana, he bowed, but kept his eyes upon the woman. “Well met, My Lady Morgana. This is Lancelot.” and as he listened to Lancelot bid her well, he looked back at her; once more feeling a twinge of hair rising upon his neck. Arthur and Lancelot stood up and looked to Cadfael, then to Morgana, and back to the Lord. “Then by your leave Your Grace.”
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