“UB” is an alternative historical scenario utilizing the legends, myths, inklings of history, our imagination, and our exposure to other settings of alternative reality regarding Britannia of the 5th century. Here you will find that we alter, expand, or rewrite some of the stories already told throughout history, and course our own desires and pleasures about Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Sarmatian Knights, the people, and those that oppose our characters in the “Untold Stories” through roleplaying and creative writing as according to our own imaginations.

The current timeframe is 466 A.D., Just after the victory at Mons Badonicus, also known as Badon Hill; Arthur is the Garrison Commander of Knights of the Round Table and Camelot, while Merlin is the People's Shaman of Britannia, and Guinevere, his liaison, lives in Camelot.

Rules & Guidelines
Here are the rules and guidelines to get you started in "UB". You may also find additional information in the "FAQ"

Use one of our two applications, or choose your own, as long as it contains the same information...

Available UB Characters
UB has many moving parts and characters ready to come alive. This is a list of Pre-made characters and NPCs available to become active; so take a look and choose one as yours.

Face Claim
A photo or drawing that gives a physical identity to a character. Said person can be anyone, but is typically an actor or animated character.

UB Chat'n
UB Chat'n is a chatroom in Slack, available for fluid conversation, sharing pictures, or talking about general subjects.

Welcome to "Unto Britannia"
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History I was born, went to school, and became an adult in Memphis, TN. Joined the Army, made it a career, then kicked around for a few years before becoming a Program Analyst and Agreements Specialist. In my years of travelling, I have been to 38 states and 22 foreign countries. I love Europe and have spent quite a bit of time there. And am back again.

- Flexible storyteller;
- enjoys creative writing/roleplaying;
- favors plot twists;
- adores an adventurous story with a basic underlying theme-romance.

- None really... nothing as far as a story goes that affects me personally;
- now personally,
--- I hate liars; I'd rather be told the truth;
--- to be ignored or left hanging;
--- I love to laugh and make people laugh, or at least smile;
--- Maybe flirt too much;
- don't want to write with me, say so,.. or if you are hesitant, lets talk about it.
Personality With family, my life is about as organized as the $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart, though I definitely attempt to keep some order to it; not always failing but not always winning. I make mistakes, But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
Abilities Ummm, special skills?
-- Imagination...
-- character building...
-- flexibility in stories...
-- love of history...
-- Fear of rp'ing fantasy? My personality and character are two important features that make me who I am; though I do have some weaknesses in my character, I try not to let that deter me. One attribute is I am basically the realistic one. and I know what real looks like.
Relationships I am who I am... with no reason to change who that man is... I have a heart, and it is warm... and so are embraces...

Commitment, Compromise, Forgiveness and most of all — Effort !!

It's easy to believe that a relationship is different from everyone else's. Probably not. Relationships take effort to maintain, and one won't always be happy with a partner. Even if you love each other, if you have fundamentally different values, a breakup may be the best option. Everyone knows, relationships are hard and take much effort to maintain, and sometimes disappoints you. Except, of course, your relationship. That's different. Or so everyone likes to believe.
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