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The current timeframe is 466 A.D., Just after the victory at Mons Badonicus, also known as Badon Hill; Arthur is the Garrison Commander of Knights of the Round Table and Camelot, while Merlin is the People's Shaman of Britannia, and Guinevere, his liaison, lives in Camelot.

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 The Affair: 1 – The Betrayal, ~ Chapter 8, Part 1: ~
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466 AD, September
Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and Others;

The Affair – Chapter 8, Part 1:
The Betrayal

Life could not have been more pleasurable with Guinevere. She was pleasant to be around, serviant to Arthur in most ways, excellent in bed, and commanding at Court, as the Governess… But the Saxon bandits began to sack northern Briton villages again. Arthur and his Knights had begun to spend more time at the Round Table planning and devising the downfall of Saxon aggression; whilst Guinevere spent her time, not doing womanly duties about their quarters, but managing the overall affairs of the castle.

One evening… nay early morn… whilst the pair enjoyed some light pillowtalk, Arthur smiles, his hand caresses her face and speaks softly… “M’Love, is the Xiomara still active, or have the women all married and having babies?”

As wife, Guinevere was finding herself falling into a pattern where she pleased her husband well and learned how to be happy. Her training with the Xiomara had become limited as well as her natural spirit for rebellious freedom. Yet, this devotion to court and city life would only last for so long before that other side of her reappeared. When it came to dealing with the populous, she was somewhat viewed as young, arrogant and naive. Somehow, this wasn't what she'd been expecting. To be looked upon as a constant symbol of peace, unity and security. For a time it boosted her ego but as of late she was inwardly feeling a bit uncomfortable and yes, insecure. But she did her best to hide it from her ever loving husband.

Now lain at his side her legs curled forward underneath the tangled bedding so that she was staring up at him from a near upside down angle. His question drew a small smile at the mere thought. "I'm more than certain that the Xiomara is. Some may have married… It is natural to wish for a family in time." Solid shoulders rolled up into a casual shrug. Honestly, she didn't know what the Xiomara had been up to. As unlikely as it sounded, some may might have wed and carried weight of a child by now. Yet this made her wonder; made her regret that she was so ignorant to her own people's lives.

Arthur rolled to his back. “I know not the Xiomara…” then his head rolled to the side looking at her. “My beloved Guinevere… would you, as the governess of this new land, go to Segedunum… Lancelot is stationed there… Try to convince the people, and the Xiomara, in the area it would be wise to support his efforts there.” He shakes his head a bit. “I know they trust not the Romans that support Lancelot cavalry, but we need our infantry strengthened… and they do not consider themselves Romans any longer, as they have remained when they could have left, and have sworn their allegiance to Briton…”

Arthur smiled and looked to Guinevere… He loved her… she was good for him… and he trusted Lancelot with his life… How could life be so cruel as to what would occur in the near future…, though none would ever dream such an atrocity COULD occur??
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“I will die in battle; that I am certain of. But I hope to die in a battle of my choosing. But if it is to be this one, do not bury me in our sad little cemetery. Burn me, and cast my ashes to a strong eastern wind.”


466 AD, late October
Guinevere, Lancelot, and Others;
Hadrian’s Wall

The Affair – Chapter 8, Part 2:
To the Fort

The meeting with Alison had been... to say the least, strained. Sisters, by half… same father, different mothers... and vastly different lives. The elder Alison now headed the Xiomara... and the younger Guinevere, the wife of the Commander, the Leader of the Briton. The gulf between sisters was wider than ever, as Guinevere had sought out Alison... bringing with her Arthur’s wish for the Xiomara, to join with Lancelot’s men against the Saxon incursions into the land... for Britain...

Of course, the Picts, the ones who were always of this land... not only native, but tied to the land in spiritual ways that only they understood, were wary, skeptical of the new leader, Arthur... even though he had bound himself to Britain by honor and marriage... and none more so perhaps than Alison of her brother-in-law. Yet, Merlin believed in Arthur... and now so did Guinevere. Alison had agreed to give aid to the Soldiers at Segedunum Fort on the Wall... and Guinevere had left her sister with a look back into the mist... for it seemed the warrioress faded into it.

Now Guinevere rode thru the forest unaccompanied… dressed not as Arthur’s lady and wife... but as herself, as she had been before Arthur... dressed in fighting leathers. The day was chilled, but with no need of a cloak, and she enjoyed the ride to Segedunum to inform Lancelot of the aid that would be joining his patrols in the coming days... the fall leaves blowing about brought mind of snowy days not so far away when Arthur and his knights had rescued her... their trek south to Hadrian’s Wall and Baden Hill. How brightly her husband had shown his honor, his strength, his will. She was captivated by him... he was strength personified. It was a good marriage... and he was a good man... she smiled to herself thinking how only 6 months ago she would have balked at the very idea of belonging to a man... but now she could say she was content.

Two days after leaving Alison and the Xiomara, she came to Segedunum... her horse prancing in annoyance at being held outside the gates until the one in charge could verify the woman’s need to enter... "Tell Sir Lancelot... to come... and invite me in…" she challenged when the sentry would know her name... "Tell him the Archer has arrived…" The joke between them, since she had bested him more than once at that weapon…

So she waited... astride the roan stallion dressed as times of old; her brown leathers hugging her lean body, her hair loose and wild about her shoulders... a crossbow and quiver slung across her back. How surprised would the Dark Knight be to find his healing angel here... in the wilds... away from her husband?

As it were, Lancelot now commanded the soldiers at Segedunum Fort on the Wall...

Roused from bed, Lancelot, slowly rubbed his eyes, and yawn. Reluctantly pulling on his leather boots, then slipping the grayish wool sweater over his head. And lastly, the black leather jacket with silver studlets. His nightly patrol beginning to take its toll. Looking at the Sergeant of the Guard, he snarls… “Who is at the gate this damned early?” Though it was a few hours after sunrise, Lancelot’s timing was a bit off due to his patrol schedule.

“M’Lord… tis a Pict warrioress… she said to tell you the Archer has arrived… and you are to invite her in…”

“Lady Guinevere? Here? What the hell is she doing out here…?” Lancelot responded…his sleepy eyes now opened with vigor.

((Onward to Hadrian's Wall,Segedunum Fort ))

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