“UB” is an alternative historical scenario utilizing the legends, myths, inklings of history, our imagination, and our exposure to other settings of alternative reality regarding Britannia of the 5th century. Here you will find that we alter, expand, or rewrite some of the stories already told throughout history, and course our own desires and pleasures about Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Sarmatian Knights, the people, and those that oppose our characters in the “Untold Stories” through roleplaying and creative writing as according to our own imaginations.

The current timeframe is 466 A.D., Just after the victory at Mons Badonicus, also known as Badon Hill; Arthur is the Garrison Commander of Knights of the Round Table and Camelot, while Merlin is the People's Shaman of Britannia, and Guinevere, his liaison, lives in Camelot.

Rules & Guidelines
Here are the rules and guidelines to get you started in "UB". You may also find additional information in the "FAQ"

Use one of our two applications, or choose your own, as long as it contains the same information...

Available UB Characters
UB has many moving parts and characters ready to come alive. This is a list of Pre-made characters and NPCs available to become active; so take a look and choose one as yours.

Face Claim
A photo or drawing that gives a physical identity to a character. Said person can be anyone, but is typically an actor or animated character.

UB Chat'n
UB Chat'n is a chatroom in Slack, available for fluid conversation, sharing pictures, or talking about general subjects.

Welcome to "Unto Britannia"
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 Rules and Vital Information
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"Let every man, woman, child bear witness that from this day all Britons will be united in one common cause. And as for the men and women who gave their lives, their deaths were cause for neither mourning nor sadness. For they will live forever, their names and deeds handed down from father to son, mother to daughter, in the legends of Arthur and his Knights."


Greetings, and Welcome to “Unto Britannia, the Untold Stories” !!; more affectionately noted as “UB”

These guidelines and the accompanying information will assist you in your discovery of “UB” ! Should you have questions that are not answered in these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact me, UBAdmin by PM, or by email:!

Rules and Vital Information

Common Sense is the Best Sense:

Before reading the etiquette below, I would like to say thank you for showing interest in UB... and I do hope you shall stay and write some of the “Untold Stories” with us...

Next I would like to share the basic principal to summarize the question of time requirements and interaction between players/group management style

* This is a “work-favorable group”. This entails that there will be periods of high activity and periods of low activity. Those who join with us should appreciate that fact and understand while this is our hobby, it does not sustain us. Though we do have rules to go by.

* We make our group work with emphasis on communication. There is place on the board to announce any OOC items including absences, online schedules, and collaborations... and we do use SLACK chat rooms for both IC and OOC discussions. Please use it.

* Respect is key. We treat one another as we wish to be treated, and are all the better for it. Instances of harassment IC and OOC will not tolerated for any reason. Point blank. A Word to the Wise is Sufficient !!

1.) Slack Chat: Be courteous and respectful at all. Slack allows everyone to enjoy the chance to interact with story members across the net.

2.) Topics: There are many topics which can make for strong and compelling stories, each in the right manner. Please label all board posts with sensitive content, so that a reader may make an informed choice. Our boards are open for business, so be tasteful in your descriptions while exploring your work.No overly graphic material (over explicit, hard 'adult' contents. These will be deleted by the Admin!. There is nothing that can be written on that can't be done with good sense.

- How to write: In multiple people in a thread, please use turn based (abc) order. That allows each member to know when they need to post. If for some reason, that person scheduled to post is unavailable, please use SLACK to discuss a resolution to the thread so everyone does not wait.

Signatures and Icons:
Signatures: max 500x300,
Avatars: 250x400

2a.) Participation: In order to join the story as a writer you MUST be 18 years old or older. Character ages lower than 15, must be approved by an Administrator, and at no time become involved in carnal knowledge or sex.

3.) Partnerships: Be sure when beginning any sort of partnership or grouping of any sort, that you take time to understand one another's expectations, limitations, and needs.

4.) Moving Around the Boards and Slack chat room: First I would like to offer five (5) different skins for you to choose from... select the one you prefer and then default that skin in your "My Controls -->> Skin and Languages" sections.

Second, please refer to the SLACK post and see our chatroom.

And last but not least.... Please respect the work of your fellow writers. If you are curious about something? Ask them. Have a question when you are in a story with them, or a concern? Voice it. We take great pride in not only writing our work but making sure that all creations are given their due. Please use SLACK to discuss such items.

5.) Do not:
- use someone's work without permission,
- play lone hero in a story,
- forget to share in the excitement and writing among others,
- not interact with people,
- cause theatrics because there is no issue here and I keep it that way with an iron hand if necessary.

6.) Please DO:
- have fun,
- write well,
- write often,
- interact with your fellow writers,
- start a story,
- ask a question to get an answer,
- laugh,
- run amuck, kick back, make a friend,
- grab your dinner and sit at the computer.


Registering for our Board

• We ask that you be 18 or older in order to register.

• Please register with an OOC account before registering an account for your first character. Please, one account per character!

• Please register your character account with your character’s name. Often names were simply singular first names (and last names were rare, except in certain cases of nobility). No middle names please!. One name is sufficient for a character that does not follow “typical” naming patterns. But PLEASE ensure no two characters have the same name, or the newest one will be asked to be changed, or changed for you. Oh yes, Properly capitalized of course. We will NOT accept characters who are posted with an OOC account.

Play-By (PB) are fairly open to consideration. But please do NOT use celebrities or people from social media that have publicly stated that people not use their likeness in roleplays.

• When filling out an application, please fill it out to the fullest extent you can.

• When you are finished with your application, either PM an admin or post a response to your app. You do not need to post it a second time.

• We do ask that you post your app within 7 days of registering your IC account. If you are having trouble with it, please PM the admins.

• There is no limit to how many characters you may apply for. However, the admins reserve the right to deny your character if you are unable to remain active. We also ask that your first (or subsequent) application be approved, and you have started an IC thread with each of your existing characters before starting additional character applications. Of course if you have a special reason for your submission, please PM the admins for consideration.

Posting on the Board

• Do not post in the In-Character areas until your application has been approved by an admin. However, feel free to introduce yourself and get chatting in the SLACK forum !

• Do NOT god-mode and/or powerplay. This includes other players’ characters, animals, and NPCs unless you’ve been given permission by the other player. Any injury or death MUST be discussed and AGREED upon with the other player.

• When playing, No posting one-liner replies. Make sure your partner has something to respond to, be it dialogue or an action!

• If you plan on your character to own or run a shop, tavern, or a similar enterprise, please first consider the time period and size village or town, you are playing in!

• Threads or posts must be PG-13; any that exceed the L2S2V2 or can earn an R rating, may not be posted on the forum board. Please ensure good judgment when posting to prevent the forum from being TOS'd. It is also encouraged to put a (M) for Mature on the title of posts that appear to be LSV graphic.

• Periodic activity checks will be held behind the scenes. Players who have not posted for 30 days and have not posted an absence will have their characters archived. The staff will post activity checks if they feel that it is needed. There will be ample notice should this happen.

OOC and Graphics

• Please show all players and staff respect in the OOC areas of the board, including the CBox. Do not post advertisements or links to other roleplaying sites anywhere on the board except for the Advertisement forum.

• Avatar dimensions are 250x400. Dimensions for the smaller picture is 110x100, though the mini profile will resize images. Signature graphics should be no wider than 500px.

• Please keep your images PG-13! No graphic nudity or gore.

If you are unable to post IC in a story thread for an extended period of time or you are away for more than a week, please post in the ABSENCE and LoA section of the Personal Affairs forum. Official Notification will be the post in the designated area or minimally, PM one of the admins. Messages in the CBox will not be counted as an official notification, and you may suffer consequences if abused. All player OOC accounts and Character accounts without an official absent notice will be archived after 30 days of total IC inactivity. IF your accounts are reinstated after a lengthy unexplained absence, it shall be allowed by agreement of the returnee, the Admin, and those you were threading with to see if they wish to continue. Regardless, you are expected to once again request all your claims and post in an IC thread within 7 days of your reactivation. If a PB was lost during the course of an unapproved absence, it shall be up to the current owner of the PB and Admin if the PB is to be awarded back to the returnee.

**Please note that the admins retain the right to deal with occurrences not referenced above as they deem necessary to maintain order and fairness to all members. Any member who repeatedly breaks the rules will be banned.

Exploring the Site

Before you jump right into your application, please take the opportunity to explore the entire site and see what advantages and information are afforded to you.

First, I recommend you should take a look at our PLOT to get a better idea of where and when we are and find out more about UB’s background and the history within. Another area of consideration is the STORY RESOURCES folder. If you so desire to know more, there is other information about the Dark Ages in our RESOURCES folder.

Once you have read, or at least scanned over, the information there in, I would recommend that you look at the available Characters in UB list and Face Claims. The information available can assist you in either selecting a Canon, an Original, take on an NPC, as your own, or even making a character of your own choosing.

The Application Process

With all the above information at your fingertips, I would recommend the next step to be your character APPLICATION. There you will also notice that there are two styles of applications; please select one, or use one of your own choosing as long as ALL the information required is present.

In addition to the required elements of the application, here are some considerations when developing your character.
1. What nationality will your character be?:
Other: If other, please state what nationality.

2. Where will your character reside in?:
{See the Forum for Regions, Cities, Towns, or villages in the Lands of Britannia, or in the Realms and Kingdoms Outside of Britannia} For example:
A fort along Hadrian’s Wall
Village or Town: Resident
Village or Town: Personal Estate or Manor
Open Country: Farm, cottage in forest, roads, etc

What occupation will your character be?[/u]: {Specify trade, specialty, and where you plan to conduct your work}
There are two locations where occupations are listed for various reasons: State Positions and the Kings Court. Note to be aware of: Kings court and state positions will come in to play much later in the plot when Arthur becomes King.

Regarding Occupations:
- You may list your own occupation.
- all occupations will be referred to the proper IC character.
- all titled entrants (sirs/dames/nobles), be advised you may retain your title, but that title may be as weak or as strong as the country the title is in. Local recognition/titles/land tracts are earned through plot; please use common sense and fairness.
- Some suggested occupations are:

--- Knight of the Round Table
--- Member of the Witenagemot
--- a Lady-in-Waiting
--- Chamberlain
--- Steward
--- Chamberlain
--- Page / Squire
--- Messenger
--- Infantry or Armed Escorts
--- Healer
--- Midwife
--- Falconers/Hawkers (for military use)
--- Marshal / stable hands
--- Smithy (specify arms, armor, leather smithy for saddles, etc)
--- Xiomara
--- Those of the Forests
--- Tavern support: owner / wench
--- Servant Position: Domestic. If Seeking a (royal household, nobility, clans, gentry, other… Specify job sought, and with whom you wish to serve.
--- Other: (if you choose other, please state what it is and why you chose it.)

During the Application Process, your app, regardless of status, will be placed in the Apps Work In-Progress (WIP) folder, until the admins are notified that the App is complete. If the admins find something in your app they would like you to edit, they will send you a PM, so keep a close eye on your inbox! But Beware, if an app exceeds thirty (30) days and has not been completed, unfortunately, it will be moved to the Apps Rejected folder and eventually archived.

Now that the application is complete and awaiting approval, please feel free to introduce yourself in the INTRODUCTIONS folder.

Diligent effort on the Application will be rewarded with an APPROVED rating and moved to the MEMBER DIRECTORY folder.

After the Approval

Huzzah! Bravo! Your character has been accepted! Now go forth and claim your Play-By (PB) in the FACE CLAIMS AND in WHO’s WHO.

Next, formulate what you wish to play. Mull over the ideas and post it in Cooperative Efforts; an area for posting plot ideas or wants. Feel free to suggest story ideas, discuss them, and find interested members to join them; or, to offer your talent and skills to someone else’s story. You may even wish to register in SLACK. Wait, What is SLACK?

Then head on over to SLACK… and discuss your ideas with others in a chat room environment.

Now that you have it all together… plug in your Thread Tracker in this folder to keep track of all your threads, here, for all to witness… and even have others join in. This can be a solicitation of sorts for plotting with other characters and creating all those fantastic “Untold Story” lines.

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